Amateur Telescope Makers

Amateur telescope making has been a big part of the SAS since its inception. In fact, for nearly 35 years the SAS’s official name was the Amateur Telescope Makers of Spokane.

The knowledge and experience of our members has been passed down throughout the years and continues today. Building your own telescope can be a rewarding experience. It also allows you to custom build a telescope to specifications that may not be available in the commercial market.
Over the years, members have built scopes ranging from 3″ refractors to the largest portable amateur telescope in the world, the 41″ Hercules.
The S.A.S. provides its members with the basic materials and tools for grinding and polishing their own mirrors. We have equipment for testing and figuring mirrors as well as several books on telescope making. Members must provide the glass blank and other materials necessary for constructing the type of telescope they wish to build. Most people choose an 8″ or 10″ dobsonian reflector as their first project and often go on to build a second telescope for other family members or friends.


The ATM meetings are also a good place to learn how to collimate the optics or to make repairs and modifications to your telescope. ATM’s are always willing to help others with their problems and to share the “secrets” of telescope making. Meeting times vary. Please check your Asterisk or Contact Dan Croskrey for more information.

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