Book Library

In the Stream of StarsHartman, etcSoviet/American space art done by artists and astronauts.
Astronomy with your Personal ComputerDuffet-Smith
Astronomy, the Cosmic JourneyHarman
Astronomy NowPasachoff
Cambridge Encyclopedia of AstronomyCambridge
Encyclopedia of AstronomyLarousse
Foundations of Astronomy 4th EditionSeeds, Michael
Manual of Spherical and Pracitcal AstronomyHauvenet
Summer Stargazing - A Practical Guide for Recreational AstronomyDickinson, Terence
Splendors of The Universe, A Practical Guide to Photographing the Night SkyDickinson and Newton
AAVSO Variable Star Atlas and chartsRobinson
Burnham's Celestial Handbook, vol 1, 2, and 3Burnham
"New" Uranometria 2000.0 Vol. 1 and 2 Northern and Southern HemispheresTirion, Rappaport, Lovi
Exploring the Moon Through Binoculars and Small TelescopesCherrington, E.
Night Sky, TheTirion, Will
Nightwatch, an Equinox Guide to Viewing the UniverseDickinson, T.
Secrets From the Night Sky, What You See with the Naked EyeBerman
Sky Atlas 2000, 2nd. Edition AdvancedTirion & Sinnott
Skywatching, A Nature Company GuideLevy, David
Advanced Skywatching, A Nature Company GuideLevy, David
StarwatchMayer, B
365 Starry Nights (2 copies)Raymo, C
Your Guide to the SkyShaffer, R
Rain of Iron and IceLewis
Origin of the UniverseBarrow
Principles of Physical CosmologyPeebles
Universe at MidnightCroswell, Ken
Color and Light in Nature, 2nd EditionLynch & Livingston
Earth and Its Atmosphere, TheBates
Nature on the RampageDeBlij
Tales of the EarthOfficer & Page
First ContactBova & Preiss
Galaxies and the UniverseEicher
Universe of the GalaxiesScientific American
Men of the StarsMoore
Shadows of Forgotten AncestorsSagan & Druyan
Star HuntersMammana
Atlas of the Moon's Far Side, AnUSSR Academy
"New" New Worlds, In Search of the PlanetsCouper
Other Sun, Other WorldsMannana & McCarthy
"New" Planets, A Journey into SpaceFlaum
Planets, Stars and Galaxies, 2nd EditionInglis, S
Brief History of TimeHawking
Key to the UniverseCalder
Encyclopedia of the Universe, TheWeissman, McFadden, Johnson
Case for Mars, TheZubrin
Lost MoonLovell
Mission to MarsCollins
Pale Blue DotSagan, C
Fire of LifeSmithsonian
Hubble WarsChaisson
"New" COSMOS, vol 1-11 on seven VHS tapesSagan, C
Horizons, Exploring the UniverseSeeds, M
Red Limit, TheFerris
Star: Voyage Through the UniverseTime Life Books
To the Edge of the UniverseNASA
Ultimate Universe, TheLevy, David
Astro Filters for Observation and AstrophotographyBarbera, Capen, Carvalho, and Steeg
Star Myths of Northern CulturesStarr, E
Spinoff 1992Haggarty, J
Secrets of the SkyRuggieri, G
The Star GuideKerrod, R
Discover the StarsBerry, R
The Grand Tour (revised)Miller, Hartmann
To Space and BackRide, Sally
Guide to the Return of Halley's CometFlaste, Noble, Sullivan
Feynman's Lost LectureGoodstein
Black Holes and Warped SpacetimeKaufmann, W
The AstronomersGoldsmith, D
The New CosmologyAllen, H
Stars and PlanetsPasachoff, Menzel
ContactSagan, C
Galileo and Experiment ScienceMarcus, R
Packing for MarsRoach, Mary
The Whole ShebangFerris, T
Patterns in the SkyHewitt-White, K
Space the Ultimate FrontierSharpe, M
Messier MarathonPennington, H
Astronomy, Beginners Guide to the UniverseChaisson, McMillan
Managing MartiansShirley, D
Travelling in Space and TimeMoore, P