Equipment Library

Checking out a club scope is an excellent way to try out several scopes before buying your own. You can even use a club scope to complete the Messier, Herschel, or another observing program. The SAS encourages club members to bring scopes they have checked out to the public events and star parties.

How It Works

  • Equipment check-out is available in good standing for at least 60 days.
  • Arrangements for check-outs must be made with the equipment manager prior to picking up.
  • Equipment check-outs and returns generally occur in the hour preceding the monthly general meeting.

Available Equipment

All telescopes include finders and eyepieces, along with a how-to booklet that details basic equipment usage and directions for finding simple night-sky objects.

  • Orion 8″ Dobsonian #1
  • Orion 8″ Dobsonian #2
  • Meade 8″ Dobsonian
  • Edmonds 4.5″ Long Focus Newtonian Reflector w/equatorial mount
  • Meade 4″ Equatorial Refractor

Additional advanced equipment for more experienced observers is also available for check-out. Please contact the equipment manager for specific requirements and availability.

  • C -5″ Schmidt-Cassegrain with equatorial mount
  • C -8″ Schmidt-Cassegrain equatorial wedge mount with motor drive
  • Hydrogen Alpha solar filter for 8″ Schmidt-Cassegrain
  • Teleview Binocular Viewer


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