Observing Programs

Being a member of the SAS also includes membership in the Astronomical League. As an AL member you are entitled to participate in the League Observing Clubs. These clubs, or observing programs, are designed to increase your observing skills and techniques. As you successfully complete each program, you earn a beautiful certificate and pin. There are currently 20 observing programs and you do not need a telescope for some of them! To get started today just click here for more information and to download the observing lists and rules.

Eric Strang is our coordinator for the Telescopic Messier Club.
Dan Bakken is our coordinator for the Herschel 400 Club

The SAS has an Observing Club of it’s own called the Strang List. This list is named after and compiled by our very own Eric Strang.

Sometimes referred to as The Professor or Refractor Man, Eric is a kind and respected member of the SAS. He has helped more members navigate the Virgo Cluster of galaxies than anyone alive! He is almost always willing to help the celestially stranded observer find his way to the next faint fuzzy. Because of his eerily natural ability to recall the appearance and location of seemingly obscure NGC objects from memory, he has earned the nickname “The Professor”.

Eric has compiled a list of 100 of his favorite objects. The great thing about this list is that all of the objects can be seen in a 4” scope under dark skies from 47 degrees north latitude. To find out more about the Strang List send Eric an e-mail

The award for completing the Strang List is yet to be determined so check back here often